Growing up!

Half way through September already. Bella started JK in her new school. I had taken some time off to drop her off to school and pick her up incase she needs time to adjust. To my surprise, on the first day of school when I dropped her off, she did not cry! And it was like that for the rest of the week! I was so proud of her. You don’t understand, for the past 2 years in nursery school, she cried almost every single day when we dropped her off. She always whined the night before saying she didn’t want to go! And now….it was like on Sept 3rd, she changed to a big girl!

I have also registered her for Chinese school, keyboard class, and ballet class. Again with Chinese school, while other kids cried and crawled on the ground for their parents, Bella just sat there smiling at me as I waited and watched outside the class. It was like a relieve for me. Everyday I had guilt that I left her somewhere that she didn’t want to be… I don’t need to feel this way anymore.

Yesterday was first day of ballet class with her friend Christy, and she came out saying she really likes ballet. My girl has grown!! Thank the Lord!

Bella’s behaviour also has changed after my husband’s brother left. He came to visit for 3 weeks and during these 3 weeks, he really taught her to be a child that listens.

Now Karley is a different story. She is 20 months, and as active as she could be. No matter what you say, she would not listen and I know she understands. She has been pushing chairs so she can climb up to the countertop to open cabinets to get her snacks. She really LOVEs to eat.

20 month milestones:

–       Speaking in short simple sentences, ( I want to, I’m listening, I want to go down, I want more, I am scared, Sister, Sister come! Sister sad, sister naughty!etc) all these are in Cantonese. Her pronunciation is off, so most of the other non family members would not know what she is saying, but for us we are so used to it that we just understand.

–       She is starting to be able to jump

–       She loves to sing, and jump

–       Still need to sleep with someone in the room

–       She loves to take baths, and not scared of water

–       She loves to be in the shower stall

–       Not able to toilet train yet, as she cannot sit still for more than a few seconds..

–       Able to finally read a book to her and complete it.

–       She starting to brush her teeth..and able to spit out when rinsing.

–       She loves to pretend to sleep when in the car and about to take her out from the car seat

–       She knows when we are upset, and tries to make us laugh

–       She loves to go play in the backyard, and take off her shoes/socks to be barefoot. She loves touch….

–       Caring..when she sees Bella unhappy about something she will go and hold Bella’s hand and pat her back.

–       And she also loves to irriate Bella and make her scream and cry by pinching, hitting, and pulling Bella’s hair or take away toys .

–       Karley loves to put her shoes and heels..she can run naturally with high fast I can’t even chase her.

Yesterday there was an incident that we could not find Bella’s blankie. We looked through the whole house and could not find it. Bella was very upset and crying, she cried this morning when she woke up also. It was difficult to calm her down before I told her we would continue to search and plus I would get her a surprise gift.  Later during the day, grandpa called and said he found Bella’s blankie….where was it???? It was in a toy microwave!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! And who put it there??? KARLEY! She love stuffing things in small space. The blankie so big, almost the size of a beach towel….and she was able to stuff it in a toy microwave! Kids…they make me laugh!!


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