Starting New…

For the past several years I have been blogging on xanga, and I feel it’s time for something new. A new start. A new way of writing, and a new way of thinking.

After tumbling on one of the blogs on wordpress, it inspired me even more to start a new blog. The writer gave some tips on how to write a better blog that others would enjoy reading. One of the main tip that triggered me was not to be bitching and complaining all the time. I guess it’s true that no one wants to be always hearing about negative things. I have been a negative person most part of my life, i try to be positive, but in my blogs, i always felt like it is a place I could rant about things that bugged me. And then it seem like i was complaining about some one, or some things in each new post. Even reading it myself i got tired of it.

So here I am..starting new….and since I have 2 young daughters, it is beneficial for me to reflect, and re think the way I act. I hope to set a good role model for them. =) Welcome to my new blog! Hopefully I can bring back my positive side ! **pat on my back =P**