Elevator in the home

Do you live in a home that have many flights of stairs you are sick and tired of climbing? Now a days, the newly constructed homes are 3-4 different levels. First floor is the laundry and bedroom, 2nd floor is the kitchen and dining room, 3rd floor is the living room, and then the 4th floor is the master bedroom and the rest of the bedrooms. An elevator in the home may solve the problem! =P

I remember living in a townhome when I was young, and I had fun running up and down the stairs, playing games by the stairs with my brother. Last year, my husband and I sold our semi –detached home due to the housing market was so hot. Then, ended up renting a townhome as we wanted to wait for the market to slow before purchasing our detached home. We also wanting that townhome because it was much larger in terms of space (3000 sq ft) and had a double garage. We needed the space, and I thought 3 levels is fine, master ensuite was on the 3rd floor, we get our privacy while the kids and in laws bedrooms were on the 2nd floor.

I guess age really is a factor now. It was a drag climbing the stairs with a baby. I was so tired by the time I hit 2nd floor. Also, my memories is so horrible, that I always forget something before going out, and have to run up 2, 3 flights of stairs to get what I forgot. By the time I ran back down to the door, I was huffing and puffing.

Mind you , it was very good exercise, I didn’t need to go to the gym! I could just walk up and down repeatedly and get my workout because I would be sweating! But by the end of the month, I wanted to move! Lol. Luckily I experience this before we purchased our home, because I was thinking of getting a detached home with a loft on the 3rd floor!

Anyways, my point is……elevators in a home are becoming more common. I have been to model homes that had a private elevator. I was reading the paper today which indicated that it doesn’t really cost that much to put in an elevator in the home. Before, we all wanted to upgrade our homes with granite countertops, crown moldings..etc. Now the upgrades are having an elevator! I don’t necessary agree with having one in my home …well, it’s not like I can afford it. We drive everyday and It is hard to even get 30 minutes of walking. Now people are getting rid of stairs, and getting an elevator..how is that going to impact our health? Taking out the most simple exercise ….I would agree if the home owner was the elderly who have difficulty walking…but a young family?

Would you put an elevator in your home? Or would you rather get some exercise by climbing the stairs?


Something to think about…..

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Starting New…

For the past several years I have been blogging on xanga, and I feel it’s time for something new. A new start. A new way of writing, and a new way of thinking.

After tumbling on one of the blogs on wordpress, it inspired me even more to start a new blog. The writer gave some tips on how to write a better blog that others would enjoy reading. One of the main tip that triggered me was not to be bitching and complaining all the time. I guess it’s true that no one wants to be always hearing about negative things. I have been a negative person most part of my life, i try to be positive, but in my blogs, i always felt like it is a place I could rant about things that bugged me. And then it seem like i was complaining about some one, or some things in each new post. Even reading it myself i got tired of it.

So here I am..starting new….and since I have 2 young daughters, it is beneficial for me to reflect, and re think the way I act. I hope to set a good role model for them. =) Welcome to my new blog! Hopefully I can bring back my positive side ! **pat on my back =P**