Sexual Health Education to our Young Children.

Lately the topic of sex education curriculum arised again, brought up by our new premier Kathleen Wynne. The last time was in 2010 which was rejected by our ex Premier Dalton McGuinty. I did not really pay attention to what the content was. I just thought ok, yes, more sexual health education would be good since children are now having sex at a younger age…i.e. 12years old!. I thought it was more of the basic content such as giving background about HIV, and STIs, or even maybe just the basic use of condoms, how to put it on and general information on how to protect yourself from getting pregnant, and STIs.

Unfortunately, it is not the case. It scared me when i read the cirriculum that my daughters will learn about pleasures of masturbation in grade 4-6, and oral & anal sex at age 12. Really? is it necessary? I know some kids would learn about it somewhere else such as the Internet, friends, TV…etc. But to include it in the cirriculum, I feel it is just too much information.

And the cirriculum also include same sex marriage, transgender..etc. As Dr. Charles McVety, president of Canada Christian College stated “.. most adults do not question their gender identity. But we’re now going to teach little Johnny to say, ‘Well, I’m male on the outside, but maybe I’m a girl on the inside,”‘

The Toronto District school Board in the fall had put up 11 links that in their website about sexual health links that really contain explicitly graphic and categorized as pornography in some instances to their students, or those are want more sexual health info not covered as part of the curriculum. Now of course many parents and community have object and complained about that too, and they ended up taking the links out of their public website.

I come from a Christian family, so my values are more to the one Man and one Woman marriage, and no sex before marriage . I have friends that are gay and lesbian, and i do not judge them. That is their sexual preference, and as long as they are happy. They also have explored that on their own when growing up, they dated opposite sex. I dont’ think we need it in our education to point out and have the kids put in extra thought if they are actually a girl inside or boy outside?…or maybe i should experience how it feels like to kiss a same sex friend since it’s all normal,…or what is oral sex like?

To tell you the truth, back when i was young, i had no idea what the heck masturbation was until I was maybe 16…and nevermind oral sex..that was out of my mind! I think if the school talked about it, i wouldn’t mind to experiment with my bf. And i think with the values at home, i was told that it is wrong to do all these things prior to marriage…so even though my bf may have persuaded me to oral sex/intercourse, i still stood still to what I believed in. And if it was part of the education cirriculum, i think i would normalize it, and feel it is ok to try it ….

Friends have decided to put their children to a private school instead, but i wouldn’t do that just because of the sexual health cirriuclum. In a way, i feel that it is ok to expose them to certain things, and hoping that they have resiliency and know which path to pick.

What do you think about introducting sexual health education at a young age? oral sex, masturbation, giving out condoms to elementary school students….?

I dont know what to think of it but to try to think of the positives, and keep communicating with my daughter as they grow up what our own values are, and hopefully they will come to me for questions.